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Are you interested in being a Crafter in the show?

A Touch of Class is a very unique show with a great reputation! We have worked hard to establish a wide customer base. We work as a team, with central cashiers, crafts arranged by category (not in individual booths), and everything must be handmade. It is important that all crafters understand what our focus is, and are willing to work within the following guidelines:


  1. Provide a detailed list of your products.

  2. Perforated tags (which are provided) are to be used on all items. Your individual code is required on both parts of the tag.

  3. We will hold two meetings prior to the show. One is mandatory.

  4. All crafters are required to provide one handmade door prize.

  5. The event is 3 days (plus 1 day of set up) and eight hours each day. You will be required to work several shifts.


Are you interested?

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