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The story behind A Touch of Class...


Are you tired of going to Craft Fairs that have become so commercialized that you know you could find the same items in a gift store or are you tired of seeing the same old crafts? Then plan to attend ..........


"A Touch of Class Craft Show"


A Touch of Class Craft Show began in 2000 by Sue Bennett. She turned her home into a holiday boutique by completely moving ALL of the furniture out of her home and moved tables and displays in. With tons of help from everyone her home was turned into a place where customers of all kinds could shop leisurely and find one of kind handmade items made by local crafters. The four day show became a perfect shopping experience but grew to be a tremendous amount of work and wear and tear on her home. In 2013 the show was moved to Carson Valley Inn and changed to be a 3 day show. We were welcomed with open arms at the Carson Valley Inn. This will be our 22nd year (we did not have the show in 2020 due to the pandemic) and we are told by our repeat customers that it gets better and better every year.


There have been many crafters over the years that have been a part of this incredible craft show spending 100's of hours coming up with new and exciting items each year. Many of which have been a part of this show for many years. A couple have moved away and come back just to participate in the show.


The show is unique in the way that crafters do not have to man their own booths like a typical craft show, we have centralized cashiers so customers can pay at one place when they are finished shopping, and we focus on having a variety of different products. We try very hard not to duplicate products so the crafters are not competing against one another and it gives shoppers a much wider variety of items to choose from.

Throughout the years we have supported the following organizations:


The Douglas County Food Pantry

Kids Fishing Derby

Ruehnstroth Fire Department

Austin's House

City of Hope

The Douglas County Explorers

Kids and Horses


The Boys & Girls Club

Project Santa

Jessie's Ranch

Between Horses and Humans



"Our goal is to recapture the definition of crafting in its truest sense. Where quality, uniqueness, and the original meaning of 'handcrafted' is the priority."

Sue Bennett, Founder

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